Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

The Electoral College voted December 14 to confirm the election of Joe Biden as our next president. As a former government teacher and elected office-holder in my city/school district (mentioned only for context), it made me pause to reflect on what has happened the past four years politically.

Who would have dreamed:

A. That any president (Trump) would approve the order to separate children from their parents at the border and put them in cages?

B. That any president would not concede an election he lost by over 7 million votes and in the Electoral College by the same margin he won in 2016?

C. That any president would allow lavish parties in the White House during the holiday season and not require masks during a pandemic?

D. That any president would comment “very fine people on both sides” when speaking about a white supremacist demonstration in Charlottesville where someone died?

E. That any president would pardon so many people from his own administration who have committed and admitted to crimes?

F. That any president would be considering pre-pardons for family members? What crimes have they committed while serving in the White House?

G. That people would have already given over $200 million dollars to a defeated presidential candidate (Trump) who will use it to pay off frivolous lawsuits? Do they not know that this man has already been convicted of stealing money from his charitable foundation?

H. That Trump actually got Evangelical voters to believe he was more moral than an active Catholic (Biden) who carries a rosary in his pocket as a sign of his faith?

I. That grown men/women in the U. S. Congress are afraid of a multiple-time business failure?

J. That any president would actually disrespect the military and call them “losers?”

K. That any president or candidate for president has not released tax returns?

L. That a president would consistently golf almost every weekend at his own golf courses, yet charge the American people to pay for all those that have to follow him there?

M. That people would believe that most or all of the above is really “fake news” and didn’t really happen?

We’re better than this, American citizens. We really are.   

Dan Gardner

Belle Plaine

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