Dear Editor,

The Christmas and holiday season of 2019 was alive and well in Belle Plaine and the surrounding area. Santa and Mrs. Claus had the opportunity to visit events and gatherings throughout the month of December.

We visited and shared the excitement with girls and boys of all ages, from less than a month old to 90 years of age. You could see the wonder and spirit of the season in the faces and eyes of all kids, moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas,  as they came to talk and share with Santa and Mrs. Claus.

A wonderful feeling of the season goes out to those many, many volunteers, organizers and sponsors who helped to make all of this special, magical feeling happen. The Santa Shack in midtown, my reindeer at the Hillstrom House and decorations throughout the community are just some of the special happenings of the season.

Special events at schools, daycare, places for the elderly and shut-ins, houses of worship, and business places helped to bring young and old together to share this time of year. Families, friends and neighbors were reunited and reacquainted at many of the gatherings.

Let us all hope that these special photos and memories will last well beyond the Christmas and holiday season. After all, 2020 brings us all a new year and decade to carry on this wonderful feeling.

Remember, you are never too old or too big to sit on Santa’s lap or to give Mrs. Claus a hug. And, with that sit and hug, share your wishes and dreams for tomorrow.

Santa and Mrs. Claus

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