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Dear Editor,

Who are our politicians?  What are their backgrounds?   

Jon Olson is running for State Senator in District 20. His father was a teacher in Bloomington, his mother was head of student activities for the Minneapolis Public Schools, and his grandparents were labor organizers.

Jon graduated from the Naval Academy in 1990, served 21 years and retired as a Navy Commander. Jon served in Iraq, Bosnia, East Timor, Somalia and Afghanistan. He worked as an intelligence officer and was trained by the CIA as a clandestine officer. Jon finished his career in a diplomatic posting at the U.S. Embassy in Helsinki, Finland.

Retired U.S. Navy Commander, Ed Recavarren, stated Jon earned the privilege to lead our sailors because he understands and lives the concept of being part of something greater than himself and embodied the ideals of tenacity and love of country while caring for those in his charge.

In 2011, Jon returned home and settled in Cedar Lake Township with his wife, Melissa. He taught national security courses at Metropolitan State University and political science courses at Carleton College.

Now, Jon is seeking political office. One of Jon’s core beliefs is that politicians and citizens need to find ways to rebuild trust and cooperation with the end goal of solving the challenges of our society.

Jon Olson is a patriot, an educator, and a public servant. Remember the name, Jon  Olson and vote for him this fall for SD#20 State Senator. www.JonOlsonForMNSenate.com

Annette Millette,

New Prague

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