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Paid Editorial:

Dear Editor,

This November, the voters in SD#20 will be choosing their next State Senator. I am voting for Jon Olson because I am tired. I am tired of divisiveness and deceit. I am tired of arguing and posturing for party, not people. And I am tired of my elected representatives, no matter what party affiliation they identify with, stonewalling and doing nothing. They should be collaborating and doing something to move us all ahead as a community.

I have the privilege of knowing Jon Olson and have also been able to observe him interacting with a variety of individuals and groups. His commitment to service is sincere. His ability to bring out the best ideas from a diverse group is inspiring. And his belief in a stronger, more prosperous and successful Minnesota is energizing.

Jon has already spent countless hours learning how he can best serve our District. He has met with many professionals and private citizens from all walks of life. He listens and asks what they THINK. He believes our communities should lead the way as Minnesota revives its spirit of hard work and cooperation to find solutions.  Jon’s example will rejuvenate Minnesota and its position to the rest of the nation. I know he will work tirelessly as our Senator. Jon will make us proud.

For more information please go to www.jonolsonformn.com . You will be encouraged AND impressed. Vote for Jon Olson as our next State Senator from District #20.

LuAnn Villwock,

New Prague

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