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Paid Editorial:

Dear Editor,

Democrat Hypocrisy:

I watched the Senate hearings for seating Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court.  And once again, Democrats did not disappoint in their

hypocrisy.  Throughout the hearings, Democrats professed to care deeply about three main topics – Abortion, Obamacare, and Activist Judges.  

Democrats are apoplectic over the thought that Roe v. Wade could be overturned, ending their ability to end a child’s life up to and including during birth.  Overturning Roe v. Wade would not end abortion but would turn the authority back to each State to decide.  In 2019, 17 States increased restrictions while 9 States expanded abortion, proving that most Americans revere human life and wish to preserve it.  Democrats view life as disposable when that life becomes inconvenient to the caregiver.  Just as a pregnant mother is caregiver to her baby, Obamacare is caregiver of your healthcare.  When a person becomes inconvenient or no longer useful, is their life disposable too?

Ezekiel Emmanuel, architect of Obamacare, has said, “after the age of 75 we have a duty to die”.  Today’s Democrat Party = Life is irrelevant.

Democrats opined that eliminating the Obamacare mandate, which forces you to buy health coverage or pay a hefty fine, will end Obamacare.  President Trump’s Executive Order stopped this mandate.  But, Joe Biden said he will reinstate it.  Biden was VP when Obamacare passed on Dec 24, 2009 – All Democrats voted for it.  Now Biden campaigns on changing Obamacare because people remain uninsured.  An article published in the U.S. Census Bureau stated there were still 27.5 million uninsured in 2018 (“Health Insurance Coverage in the United States: 2018”, November 2019).  So just how “affordable” is Obamacare?   That’s right, it is not affordable.

Democrats also claimed people with pre-existing conditions will lose their health coverage if Obamacare is ended.  Oh, the Democrat hypocrisy; US Senate bill S.1125 – 116 Congress, titled the Protection Act, was introduced on Apr 10, 2019.  This bill prevents insurance companies (private and public) from denying coverage based on pre-existing  conditions.  Yet, Democrats continue to filibuster this bill, preventing a vote.  Are Democrats really concerned about pre-existing conditions?  Today’s Democrat Party = Hypocrisy.

It is a thoroughly documented fact that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RGB) was a liberal activist Judge. Yet in another display of hypocrisy, Democrats continually tried to portray Judge Barrett as a rightwing activist while

painting RBG as a non-activist.  Democrats have a long history of viewing the courts as a vehicle to further their causes.  In 1936, when Democrats held the Presidency, Senate, and House, Pres. Roosevelt (FDR) attempted to pack the Supreme Court by adding Justices until there were enough for the Court to rule his way.  (We have had 9 Justices for over 150 years).  Thankfully, his plan backfired, the Supreme Court’s job is to interpret the law, not make the law through their activism.  Today, Democrats have again hinted that they would pack the court.  Both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have refused to answer numerous questions about their plans to pack the court, saying voters “don’t deserve” to know Biden’s policy.  Really?  Today’s

Democrat Party = Deception.

If you care about Life, integrity, and our founding principle of Separation of

Powers – Executive, Legislative, and Judicial, you must vote for:

President: Donald Trump

US Senate: Jason Lewis

Congress: Michelle Fischbach

MN Senate: Scott Newman

MN House:  Glenn Gruenhagen

Daryl Thurn

Green Isle, MN


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