Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I would like to thank the Belle Plaine City Council for changing our neighborhood by approving the Belle Court apartment complex at 561 Elk St. All of our concerns for this project were totally ignored by the City Council.

These council members would not want this in their backyard, but it is ok for ours. Furthermore, two of the city Council members publicly proclaimed that this was a “done deal” 6 months ago!

The public hearings for this project were a farce. I believe the decision to move ahead with this project was made before any input was even offered.

We were told at council meetings to show them some respect, but they showed us none. They also limited what we could discuss. After the public hearing was done, anything they wanted to cover among themselves was ok.

Anyone who looks at where these apartments are being built, knows that it is in the wrong place with poor access to site.

I am used to State and Federal politicians not listening to us, but I expected the local politicians to listen to us. How wrong I was!!

Ken Retzer,

Belle Plaine

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