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Dear Editor,

It was with great disappointment that I read Mr. Gardner’s letter to the editor. On one hand he claims to be a “government teacher and elected office-holder in the school district” which would indicate some expertise on the subject, and on the other, he spews out his leftist rhetoric in an attempt to influence rather than educate others. A true educator presents accurate facts from all angles, perhaps even with some direction but not with opinions construed as facts, and then allows the student to interpret and decide where the truth lies. Mr. Gardner has the right to his opinions, but not when he, at the same time, claims to be an educator.

Mr. Gardner mostly takes a snapshot of less than a year in the Trump Administration, but let’s take a look at a longer look at our history. Perhaps these precede his knowledge of history, but let’s look at the assaults on our governmental system through the presidencies. There are four presidential scandals that took place earlier in our country’s history, with John Quincy Adams, Andrew Johnson, Warren Harding and Ulysses S. Grant, but let’s look at more recent history.

1. President Kennedy and the Kennedy family played it hard and fast with the rules and their women, and their staff covered up most of their indulgences and/or deaths.

2. President Johnson was unable to make a hard decision about Vietnam and his vacillation helped cause the deaths of over 58,000 innocent young men and women in an undeclared war.

3. Then President Nixon tried to push a personal agenda and build his power as president, ending with the Watergate Scandal, our first modern impeachment proceedings, and his resignation from office.

4. President Ronald Regan was accused in a fiasco of selling arms to Iran and then using part of that money to build up the Contras, a right-wing group in Nicaragua.

5. President Clinton couldn’t keep his pants zipped and brought the wrath of the government and the nation down around his ears with the second modern era impeachment proceedings.

6. President Barrack Obama inflicted massive pain with the passage of Obamacare, a healthcare directive so massive and complicated that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi made the statement of, “We didn’t have time to read it. We just passed it!” And now, people who couldn’t afford health insurance in the first place receive a heavy fine for not having insurance as well as having to pay for insurance they cannot afford and placing burdens upon burdens for the poor.

7. I was taught that the President of the United States is a duly elected official, elected by the people of the United States, and whether one agreed with the president’s politics or not, he/she was still the president and to be supported in that office just as a military commanding officer would be. President Donald Trump will go down in history as the most disrespected and scrutinized president in history. Starting with the nomination and election processes, the leftist politicians decided Trump was not fit for office and began trying to dismantle his administration, even to the point of our third modern impeachment attempt.

8. The continuation of wars involving the United States and Iraq, Iran, Yemen, the Taliban, Pakistan and Afghanistan by Presidents George H and George W Bush, Clinton, Obama and Trump have left lasting marks on the country and nearly 6,000 more deaths. No political party has been immune to leaving a negative mark on the history of our country.

Let’s look at some of the Donald Trump administration accomplishments, in spite of the constant harassment by the leftist political organization:

1. FACT: The leftist led impeachment proceedings lasted nearly three years and cost US taxpayers approximately $3.06 million dollars and thousands of wasted hours of time trying to construct reasons for impeachment. Both the time and money could have been put to better use in many other ways to benefit our country.

2. FACT: During the Trump administration the jobless rate was the lowest in US history, and the U. S. economy the most productive.

3. FACT: The Dow Jones, the Nasdaq and the S&P 500 averages reached heights never seen before, building savings and IRAs to new heights.

4. FACT: President Trump established the SPACE FORCE, designed to help protect the network and security of the US and its allies in space against foreign aggression.

5. FACT: President Trump was the leader in the biggest overhaul to the nation’s tax codes in three decades, reducing taxes.

6. FACT: Trump passed a bill overhauling sentencing guidelines and reducing mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines.

7. FACT: Trump brokered a peace agreement between Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates, and Israel.

8. FACT: Trump brokered a breakthrough agreement between Kosovo and Serbia.

9. FACT: Trump was nominated for 2021 Nobel Peace Prize.

Regarding Mr. Gardner’s “specific” accusations of President Trump

A. The order to separate children from their parents at the border was one that was put on the books by the Obama Administration, but enforced by the Trump Administration.

B. It seems Mr. Gardner would do away with “due process” and deny Mr. Trump the right to seek court rulings on the election outcome as guaranteed him by the Constitution of the United States (it’s in the Constitution, folks!)

C. While I don’t condone Trump’s policy for not requiring masks at functions at the White House, don’t the attendees bear at least a little bit of responsibility in this?

D. Can one say, honestly and unequivocally that there are not very fine people in any gathering and at any given moment, be it a prayer breakfast of a lynching?

E. I think history would show that the reprieve of former administration officials in the last days of the administration is nothing new. Who is to say whether it is right or wrong, but it is not unprecedented.

F. Mr. Gardner is pre-supposing that presidential family members are criminals. What separates them from Mr. Gardner’s family, the amount of money involved?

G. The evidence of donated money to the Trump Administration in the amount listed begins to show the amount of public distrust shown toward the leftist groups. Can Mr. Gardner give some absolute facts about its uses rather than assertions and innuendos based on a leftist theory.

H. If memory serves me correctly, the United States is predicated on the separation of church and state, and the fact that someone does or does not carry a rosary, a Star of David or a figure of Buddha in his pocket does not necessarily indicate the value of the man. Donald Trump does regularly attend worship services, though seldom in public ones.

I. It is these same grown men and women in congress that have precipitated the current problems in congress. Rather than voting the will of the people that elected them, they have, both Democrats and Republicans and all the factions in between, drawn their political “lines in the sand” to make it an “us against them” environment and causing government gridlock. Can one even imagine what our founding fathers would think of the United States now?

I could go on, but the questions and/or statements that Mr. Gardner uses in his letter are no more and no less generalizations and accusations based on the leftist ideology and rhetoric he believes in. He is entitled to his opinion, as are the rest of us. I would agree with him in his summation, that we are indeed better than this as American citizens. It’s high time that we all wake up to what’s happening to our Constitution, Bill of Rights and our country, put away the bi-partisan rhetoric and work towards the good in a unified nation behind the duly elected president, regardless of his party affiliation.

Thomas Bartholomew

Belle Plaine  

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