Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I cannot describe how proud I am of my dad for everything he has accomplished in 30+ years in Law Enforcement. He has been a great role model for everyone around him always staying true to his word of treating people like people.

Since he is too humble to talk about the piles of awards he has received in his career, I wanted to point out just a few of them. Even though at this time he does not feel that he deserved the awards, or that he did not do any good for the City of Belle Plaine, we see it differently. I distinctly remember when I was in High School the police were known for writing tickets and as the bad guys of town. My dad believes in treating people like people. In his time as Chief he encouraged a proactive community policing approach. He built many positive relationships in town over the past 10 years, helping to shift the perception of the Department into we are here to help you, not just to arrest you.

Here are just a few of his standout awards:

• Creative Programs in Public Safety Award- 2016 Awarded by the League of Minnesota Cities

• Law Enforcement Meritorious Service Award MSCIC- 2015

• Several Chiefs and Merit awards while with JPD

• Life Saving Award JPD- 2003 saved a 3-year-old child involved in an automobile accident

• Life Saving Award BPPD- 2000 pulled an elderly gentleman out of a brush fire being first on scene

• Meritorious Service Award BPPD- 1997

• MADD Outstanding Service Award -1995

Over the past 30 years my dad has put everyone before himself, whether it was the residents of St. Peter, Jordan, or Belle Plaine, his officers, city staff, friends and family. Now it is our turn to be there for him.

Tyler Stolee,

St. Peter

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