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Dear Editor,

Refugee Resettlement Impact

In March of 2018, a special review was sent to the MN Legislature titled “Fiscal Impact of Refugee Resettlement: An Assessment of Data Availability” from the Office of the Legislative Auditor (reference: www.leg.state.mn.us/docs/2018/other/180282).  Exhibit 2.1 - Areas of State and Local Government on Which Refugees May Have a Fiscal Impact presents the various services  Refugees will require:  Financial & Social Services, Preschool – 12th Grade & Adult Basic Education, Employment Services, Law Enforcement & Correctional Services included Public Defenders, Public Health Services, and Housing & Transportation Assistance.

MN Department of Human Service has a Refugee Resettlement Program (reference www.mn.gov/dhs/partners-and-providers/program-overviews/refugee-resettlement) that discusses the different ways that may be used to meet the above mentioned services.   I ask each resident to look up these resources and become knowledgeable in what the needs are, so we can ask our County Commissioners if our County can absorb additional individuals that will need these services at present tax rates.  And then attend the County Commissioner Meeting on Jan. 28, 2020 to discuss this issue.

I know a Lower Court Judge struck down President Trump’s Executive Order: 13888 Refugee Resettlement which allowed Counties to opt out of their State’s insistence to force refugee resettlement into their communities.  I fully anticipate this ruling to be challenged at the higher court.  Therefore,  lets be prepared to hold this conversation with our County Commissioners.

Call all County Commissioners and talk to them about the impact this will have Sibley County.  Note that the Sibley County Administrator has a letter addressed to the State Refugee Coordinator drafted that states Sibley County will accept Refugees.  

District 1 – Bobbie Harder, BobbieH@co.sibley.mn.us  (507) 665-3642

District 2 – Bill Pinske, BillP@co.sibley.mn.us  (507) 964-2250

District 3 – Jim Swanson, JimS@co.sibley.mn.us  (507) 237-2505

District 4 – Joy Cohrs, JoyC@co.sibley.mn.us  (507) 510-1466

District 5 – Steve Saxton, SteveSaxton@co.sibley.mn.us  (507) 829-9260


Daryl Thurn

Sibley County / Green Isle


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