Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I’ve lived in Belle Plaine since 2001 and love the city. I’m in the process of listing my home for sale, and as dry as it’s been I’ve been watering my lawn so it shows better.

Typically, my water bill shows I constantly use 3000 gallons of water per month. Well, due to watering, I used 11,000 gallons for the month of June.

I went to city hall Tuesday morning to discuss and negotiate this bill only to be told that this is their policy.

It doesn’t take very much common sense to look at this very large discrepancy in the water usage and possibly come out and look at my lawn to see where this additional water usage went.

I offered to pay for the water usage as is only fair. I only wanted to discuss the sewer rate for the additional 8,000 gallons that obviously went on my lawn. The woman at city hall only said, “That is the city policy.” Can’t believe it.

Richard Bristow

Belle Plaine

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