Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

This is regarding Mr. Bartholomew’s letter of December 23rd in which he attacks a Mr. Gardner’s summation of Trump’s presidency stating that he was spewing leftist rhetoric and then does what he accuses Gardner of, only from a right wing perspective. Very Trumpian of him!

There is neither time nor space to detail each of Bartholomew’s errors, but his defense of Trump requires a response in light of the events of the January 6th insurrection and attempted coup of the U.S. Government at the instigation of Trump by a right winged mob which contain fascists and white supremacists. This was an attempt to undermine the constitution and the will of the people by trying to stop the validation of the Biden election, thereby trying to steal it.  The blame for this seditious act falls firmly on the head of Trump, a fact universally acknowledged even by Fox News commentators.

Most egregious was Bartholomew’s question in defense of Trump; “Can one say, honestly and unequivocally, that there are not very fine people at any gathering……..be it a prayer breakfast or a lynching?” What!!?? There are very fine people at a lynching? At an insurrection against the U.S. Government? These very fine people came prepared to take members of congress hostage while chanting “Mike Pence needs to hang” for the crime of not violating his oath of office to uphold the constitution by not reversing the election results. Some who were arrested say that the organizers came prepared to murder Pence and Pelosi.  Gardner’s post to which Bartholomew objects provided a good summation of the swamp that has been Trump’s presidency while his devotees are now left spinning into infinity their unhinged justifications.

Trump began with the lie that Obama was born in Kenya and the lie was repeated over and over with no correction from Republicans. He is ending his presidential grift with another lie the election was stolen from him and on the right have had the testicular fortitude to call out the lie. National security agencies have known since the 1980’s that the biggest domestic threat was white nationalist domestic terrorist groups, not antifa, not Black people, not Muslims and not democratic socialists. One of Trump’s first acts was to cut funding to the agencies in charge of overseeing these hate groups. Thus, we witnessed these images of hate, of zombie like servitude to Trump, and the sacrilegious destruction of our sacred capitol where Trump’s mob beat an officer to death. So much for Blue Lives Matter. White people need to understand that eventually white supremacists come after white people. Trump put a target on Pence’s back because he respected the constitution over demagoguery. What we witnessed was blood lust in the calling for people to be hanged and the construction of a gallows outside the halls of congress.

Particularly disturbing is the co-mingling of fascism and authoritarianism with religion. Referring to Trump as The Messiah is exceedingly deranged and gives fuel to the insane idea that the insurrectionist mob has God on their side.

Somewhere the souls of the late great Minnesota progressive Senator Hubert Humphrey and his good friend from Belle Plaine, attorney James Daly are turning in their graves.   

Russell Hart,

Acton, MA

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