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Dear Editor,

Ische Supports Willems

With the field for District 5 County Commissioner narrowed to two, it will soon be time to make a choice. I have known both candidates for more than 30 years. I sincerely and wholeheartedly support Mark Willems for County Commissioner.

Both candidates serve on the Carver County Planning Commission and various County Committees, but it was seven years ago when knowing his background, I asked Mark to join the University of Minnesota Extension Committee. Throughout the years and now as Chair, Mark Willems has supported 4-H youth development, master gardener program, livestock and crop education and more. He’s the only candidate that supported the virtual 4-H Meat Auction.

He lives on a gravel road in rural Dahlgren Township where he serves on the Town Board. After 31 years in the sheet rock business, he now raises all -natural produce on his family farm, with his wife, Theresa. He knows hard work, and he knows about raising a crop. Mark doesn’t take pictures of corn fields with Harvestore Silos in the background or old dairy barns to make you think he knows about farming.  Mark Willems lives it every day.  

Mark is a humble and hardworking man who will work for all of us in District 5. Please join Pam and myself, in supporting Mark Willems for District 5 County Commissioner.  

Thank You,  

James Ische  

Soon to be Retired District 5 Carver County Commissioner 

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