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Dear Editor,

Refugee Resettlement in Sibley County?

There has been much coverage in the State of Minnesota regarding the Refugee Resettlement that counties are making decisions on. Sibley County will be making this decision on January 28 and it is time to make your voice heard on this very important decision.

The Refugee Resettlement topic was on the 07-Jan-2020 County Board agenda for a vote. It appears this was placed on the agenda by the County Administrator with little to no discussion by the County Board of Commissioners. Thankfully, the Commissioners moved this item to the board work session for discussion. At the insistence of the County Administrator and the County Board Chair, there must be a vote. Therefore, voting of accepting refugees will be a topic on the 28-Jan-2020 agenda.

County Commissioners should hear from residents as whether Sibley County should opt-in to the Refugee Resettlement program. Please contact your Commissioners and voice your opinions.

District 1 – Bobbie Harder, BobbieH@co.sibley.mn.us  (507) 665-3642

District 2 – Bill Pinske, BillP@co.sibley.mn.us  (507) 964-2250

District 3 – Jim Swanson, JimS@co.sibley.mn.us  (507) 237-2505

District 4 – Joy Cohrs, JoyC@co.sibley.mn.us  (507) 510-1466

District 5 – Steve Saxton, SteveSaxton@co.sibley.mn.us  (507) 829-9260


Daryl Thurn

Sibley County / Green Isle


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