Lauren Johnson (left) and Sarah Lenz were presented with commemorative basketballs

Lauren Johnson (left) and Sarah Lenz were presented with commemorative basketballs prior to their game against Tri-City United on Thursday, Jan. 9,  after they both reached the 1000-point threshold within one week of each other.

Despite bearing little resemblance to one another, Lauren Johnson and Sarah Lenz are often mistaken for one another. They say that’s because the two have been athletically attached at the hip since grade school when they first began participating in team sports.

Since third grade, the pair has been playing on the same athletic teams, being bumped up to more and more competitive teams simultaneously. So when the pair reached the 1000-point threshold in basketball within one week of each other at the end of 2019, few were surprised.

One would only need to rewind to the pair’s most recent volleyball season to know that they have a history of reaching milestones at the same time.

At the same tournament in Chaska last October, they each hit 1000 digs. Lenz also went on to notch 1000 set assists at the 2019 state volleyball tournament.

Within three days of each other in December, the pair hit 1000 basketball points, with Sarah Lenz hitting the mark against Jordan on Dec. 17 and Johnson hitting hers against Sibley East on Dec. 20. Lenz went on to notch 1000 set assists at the 2019 state volleyball tournament.

“It’s kind of cool that we’re almost like a duo,” Johnson said.

“A dynamic duo,” Lenz added.

“We joke about that,” Johnson continued.

Throughout their athletic participation, the pair has developed a sense of “healthy competition,” according to Lenz.

“But in the end, we both want to see the other succeed,” Lenz said.

When their respective ceremonies honoring their basketball achievements interrupted their games, the two only took moments to soak the moment in before their competitive mindsets took back over, and at the end of the day, it’s all about the competition.

Johnson said that now that they’ve hit the 1000-point mark, she’d like to see her team win the Minnesota River Conference title. At 6-0, the Belle Plaine Tigers are at least poised to do just that as they already have a win over Jordan, who are in second place at 4-2.

Beyond the conference, the pair has high hopes for the post-season and believes they can earn the right to play at Minnesota State University’s Bresnan Arena, something neither has done so far in their high school basketball careers, but for now it’s one game at a time.

The 1000-point milestone unofficially puts the two around fourth or fifth in the all-time basketball scoring records for Belle Plaine. Chelsea Fogarty, who played from 2004-09, maintains the top spot at 1784 points.

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