Amilia Messer, Mary Rella and Matt Fink represent B.P. as its only hockey players

(From left) Amilia Messer, Mary Rella and Matt Fink represent Belle Plaine as its only hockey players with the River Valley Bulldogs.

For freshman Amilia Messer, sophomore Mary Rella and junior Matt Fink, traveling to Le Sueur for practice is no big deal, neither is the fact that they are Belle Plaine High School’s only hockey players on the Minnesota River Bulldogs’ team. For them, the enjoyment of the game negates any would-be challenges associated with traveling to a different town in order to participate in a winter sport.

“It’s nice having friends from different towns,” said Rella about her team made up of players from Belle Plaine, Le Sueur-Henderson, Cleveland, St. Peter, and Tri-City United high schools.

Rella, who is a defender for the team, has been playing hockey for 12 years, and up until last year, she played for New Prague.

This is Messer’s first year playing for the Bulldogs. She began playing hockey four years ago and previously played in Prior Lake.

“It’s fun because I like hockey,” Messer, a goalie, said of playing with the Bulldogs.

Fink began playing in Le Sueur around 10 years ago, he said, and has fostered an ongoing relationship with his teammates.

“It’s a lot of fun,” said Fink, who began his second hear as a varsity defender this year.

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