by Rachel Miller

The Le Sueur-Henderson Little League Association has formed the Brogan Schaefer Sportsmanship Award to honor Schaefer, who lost his life in a tragic swing set collapse accident on Sept. 29, 2019.

“After the accident we knew we wanted to do something to recognize him. The thing about Brogan is he was an incredible teammate, he loved the game and was always positive,” said Reegan Rehm, who is on the association board.

They decided to recognize Schaefer in two ways. First, by retiring his jersey. Brogan’s younger brother, Emmet, will be the only other player allowed to wear the #12 jersey, after which it will be retired. A graphic of Schaefer’s #12 jersey also hangs in the outfields of both ball fields at St. Anne’s School in Le Sueur, where Brogan attended school.

Secondly, the creation of the memorial award, starting this year.

Although the future of the Little League season remains up in the air due to COVID-19 this year, Rehm said each team coach will nominate a player whom they believe best embodies “the love of the game” and is characteristic of the good, positive teammate Schaefer was.

From those nominations, a final recipient will be selected, and their name put on the sign that hangs on one of the ball field fences at St. Anne’s School in Le Sueur. Brogan would have been in fifth grade at St. Anne’s this year.

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