June 4-5: 3-1 Loss to Le Sueur-Henderson

Following a lightning delay, the playoff rematch between Belle Plaine and Le Sueur-Henderson turned out to be as tumultuous as the foreboding clouds overhead.

The Tigers started the contest strong and quickly loaded the bases in the first inning. The LS-H defense remained stubborn, though, and Belle Plaine could never quite break through for a run as the inning drew to a close.

Mikkel Schmidt started on the mound and threw a scoreless first inning. After another scoreless inning for the Tigers, LS-H made it onto the scoreboard with two runs in the second inning, one earned.

The Tigers again loaded the bases in the third inning and made off with one run, but the LS-H defense kept their composure and avoided further damage.

Schmidt settled down and kept the Giants from scoring until early in the fourth when rain came to delay the contest for one day.

On Wednesday, June 5, the game resumed in the fourth inning with Luke Luskey taking over for Schmidt on the mound with the score at 2-1 in favor of the Giants.

Luskey cruised to the sixth inning before back-to-back hits allowed an LS-H run which extended their lead to 3-1.

A late opportunity for the Tigers had runners on first and third, but they were unable to capitalize.

In the seventh inning, three Tigers went up to bat. None made it to a base.

“While the result was not what we wanted, the boys played extremely hard and battled to the end,” Belle Plaine Head Coach Pat Schultz said.

“It was really nice to see the team playing well at the end of the year and make a nice run in the playoffs as a ninth seed.  Lots of players stepped up on the mound, at the plate and in the field.  It was a very fun year seeing the guys improve and work hard every day.  We will miss our three seniors and wish to thank them for their work and dedication to the program.  Mikkel Schmidt, Jamie O’Brien and Kolten Janni are great kids and we wish them the best in their futures.”

Boys’ Baseball Results (Record 8-9)

(3-2 Post-Season)

W  Apr. 8:Sibley East 2, BP 4

L    Apr. 9: St. Peter 7, BP 3

W  Apr. 15: TCU 8, BP 9

L    Apr. 16:  Cannon Falls 14, BP 4

W   Apr. 18: NYA 3, BP 8

W  Apr. 23: Maple River 5, BP 12

W  Apr. 25: Sibley East 8, BP 11

L   Apr. 26:  Jordan 13, BP 3

L   Apr. 29: LSH 6, BP 2

L+W May 2: Southwest Christian 9, BP 2; SWC 2, BP 3

L  May 6: TCU 13, BP 8

L  May 7: LSH 13, BP 0

L  May 9: NYA 11, BP 0

L  May 13: TCU 13, BP 8

W+W  May 16: BP 14, Mayer Lutheran 0 + BP 11, ML 8

MRC Baseball Standings

Jordan                     12  2

Le Sueur-Henderson       11  3

Southwest Christian    9   5

Tri-City United        8   6

Belle Plaine        7   7

NYA Central        7   7

Sibley East        2 12

Mayer Lutheran                  0 14    

Playoff Results

W  May 23: Medford 5, BP 9

W  May 28:  LSH 1, BP 2

L   May 30:  BEA 4, BP 3

W  June 1:   WEM 3, BP 5

L   June 4-5: LSH 3, BP 1

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