Comic Stunt Juggler Tuey Wilson first got a taste for juggling when his older brother showed him and a couple friends the skill on a camping trip over 40 years ago. Now, approaching 60, Wilson continues to hone his craft as he approaches his 40th appearance at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, which is scheduled for September. 

Wilson first appeared at the Scott County Fair in 2019, where he showcased laughable hijinks and death-defying stunts  involving ladders, crossbows and, of course, fire, among other facets. 

The fair this year was canceled due to COVID-19, leaving Wilson and other acts searching for outlets for their talents. Wilson, whose primary source of income is performing, needed to adapt and so turned his talents to what he has termed 'sidewalk shows,' socially distanced outdoor performances

The Herald traveled to Faribault, where Wilson resides, to document his time away from his regular circuit of performances that would have, under normal circumstances, brought him across the country to county fairs and various other celebrations and showcases.

Wilson, who typically practices at a local library in Faribault, has been bound to his back- yard as health restrictions keep him out of his typical practice space. So he has instead taken to his backyard, where he has a tight rope nestled between trees to sharpen his toolkit. 

"I still enjoy juggling. I still enjoy just two hours by myself just practicing and trying to learn new things," Wilson said.

"I'm a big believer in finding something you enjoy doing, specifically something that's moving your body," he added.

He was set to appear at the fair for the second year in 2020 before COVID-19 canceled fairs around the country. Now, Wilson has turned his talents to what he is calling "sidewalk shows," performances outside the homes of eager onlookers. As of July 28, 2020, he is accepting bookings around Minnesota and can be contacted at
Watch in the video box below as Wilson delves into his craft and shares part of his origin story.

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