Minnesota saw a tiny drop in new COVID-19 cases in the past week, with 5,253 newly reported cases. To date, 490,483 cases have been reported since March 8, 2020.

Cases in Tri-County Area

• Scott County added 148 cases in the past week, bringing its total to 12,622. Scott County reported no new deaths in the last week, staying at 107 deaths thus far. According to the Star Tribune’s COVID-19 tracker data, Belle Plaine added 18 cases in the past week to bring its total to 892 cases.

• Sibley County reported 11 new cases in the past week, bringing its total to 1,129. Sibley County reported no new deaths in the last week, keeping its total at 10.

According to the Star Tribune’s COVID-19 tracker data, Henderson reported no new cases in the past week, keeping its total at 156. Gaylord has reported 278 cases (an increase of 3), Arlington has 250, (an increase of 1), Winthrop has 158 (no increase), Gibbon has 152 (an increase of 1), New Auburn has 19 (an increase of 1), and Green Isle has 110 (an increase of 1).

• Le Sueur County added 35 new cases in the past week, bringing its total to 2,338 cases. The county did not report any new deaths in the last week and is holding at 20.

According to the Star Tribune’s COVID-19 tracker data, the city of Le Sueur added 13 new cases in the past week, bringing its total to 531 cases. Le Sueur County has a 14-day case rate of 21.02, down from 30.02 last week, a one week decrease of 28.6

Cases in Area Schools

Reported cases in schools in the tri-county area remain relatively low, with Le Sueur County reporting one school (an increase of 1), Scott Country reporting two schools, and Sibley County reporting one school.

• Shakopee High School reported no new exposures in the last week but stays with New Prague Senior High School on the list of affected schools in Scott County.

• In Sibley County, Sibley East Elementary in Gaylord is the only affected school.

• Le Sueur County has reported at least one case in Tri-City United High School.

State Overview

The state conducted 233,868 tests in the past week, bringing its total to 7,599,660 tests on approximately 3,539,172 people.

After weeks of big declines in the death toll, deaths held steady and declined by two in the past week. The state reported 70 new deaths since March 1, and 6,556 Minnesotans have lost their lives to COVID-19 since the pandemic started almost a year ago.

Of Minnesota’s total 490,483 cases, 38,020 (an increase of 209) have been in health care workers and 476,856 (97.2 percent) no longer need isolation. In the past week, 255 more people have been hospitalized, bringing the cumulative total to 25,982 since the pandemic started. The state also reported 56 (an increase of 12) more patients needing ICU hospitalization, bringing the cumulative total to 5,364.

Cases in Congregate Care

The number of congregate care facilities in the tri-county area that have reported COVID-19 exposure in the last 28 days has slowly increased. Exposure is defined as a person diagnosed with COVID-19 who visited, worked, or lived at the facility while contagious.

• Scott County added one new facility in the past week. Affected facilities include The Lutheran Home Association Nursing Home in Belle Plaine (new), St. Gertrude’s Health and Rehabilitation Center in Shakopee, The Gardens at St. Gertrude's in Shakopee, and Savage Senior Living at Fen Pointe.

• Sibley County reported no new exposure in the past week. South View Living Center in Gibbon and Good Samaritan Society of Winthrop have both reported exposures.

• Le Sueur County reported no changes in the past week. At this point, Central Health Care in Le Center is the only affected facility in the county.

Cases in Age Groups

Demographics for deaths compared to total number of cases are as follows:

• Age 100+: 101 deaths (no increase); 318 total cases (no change)

• Ages 90-99: 1,597 deaths (an increase of 21); 5,898 cases (increase of 14)

• Ages 80-89: 2,305 deaths (an increase of 20); cases 14,275 (increase of 50)

• Ages 70-79: 1,419deaths (an increase of 13); 24,829 cases (increase of 152)

• Ages 60-69: 717 deaths (an increase of 11); 48,693 cases (increase of 506)

• Ages 50-59: 273 deaths (an increase of 3); 69,924 cases (increase of 830)

• Ages 40-49: 94 deaths (an increase of 2); 70,860 cases (increase of 790)

• Ages 30-39: 39 deaths (no increase); 80,418 cases (increase of 807)

• Ages 20-29: 9 deaths (no increase); 92,454 cases (increase 809)

• Ages 5-19: 1 death (no increase); 72,290 cases (increase of 1,133)

• Ages 0-4: 1 death (no increase); 10,492 cases (increase of 161).

Top Ten Counties in MN

1.  Hennepin: 96,915 (+892)

2.  Ramsey: 41,477 (+325)

3.  Dakota: 34,552 (+413)

4.  Anoka: 30,571 (+205)

5.  Washington: 21,153(+161)

6.  Stearns: 18,113 (+116)

7. St. Louis County: 14,046 (+271)

8.  Scott: 12,622 (+148)

9.  Olmsted: 11,801 (+210)

10. Wright: 11,532 (+94)

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