Harvest Service at Historical Episcopal Church - Lee Smith, who was one of the last babies baptized at the old church, addressed the 55 people who attended the annual Harvest Service Sunday afternoon.

The Scott County Sheriff’s Department was investigating an apparent act of vandalism at the Blakeley Cemetery

Homecoming Week Fun....High School principal Lowell Hoffman played genie as Brad Hanauer, Mike Cote and Carol Hannon-Orr pretend they were football coaches Riggs, Fox and Anderson in the faculty skit.

Workers from Archeological Research Services carefully dig through the soil in search of artifacts. The girl at the right sifts the soil collected through a screen to pick out the larger pieces of pottery found.

1989 Homecoming Royalty candidates were Glen Jeurissen, Jeff Klehr, Mark Mahoney, Kirby McDonald, and Bruce Siegle. Queen candidates were Chris Anderson, Lisa Carlson, Jenny Klehr, Lisa Otto, and Melanie Wolf.

Two field lights at the South Park ballfield were moved last Friday morning to make the right field fence line about 40 feet longer, from 260 feet to about 300 feet.

Members of the crew from Bay West, a hazardous wastes handling company, remove their contamination suits after taking samples from the old milk plant building.

Top Prize - Brad Meyer shows off a fish that won him $500 in te 14th annual Belle Plaine River Fishing Contest held Saturday. He caught the 30 pound 8 ounce catfish on a large sucker minnow using 40 pound test line, about 3:30 a.m., near the remains of the old Belle Plaine river bridge.

Two ladies lean against an old manure spreader as they talk and watch grain being threshed at the 26th Annual Scott-Carver Thresher Festival held near the fair grounds last weekend.

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