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After studying Northern Trek animals at the Minnesota Zoo, the Belle Plaine fourth graders went on a field trip to view the animals on April 3. Part of the research involved making a T-shirt with their favorite animal as a design.

Members of the Young Astronauts Club stand with their boxes containing raw eggs, just before the contraptions were dropped.

Officer Michael Busch of the Scott County Sheriff’s Department teaches the DARE program to Mary Moriarty’s fifth grade class.

Record 70-degree weather on Monday, March 12, produced lots of May-like activities. Creeks were flowing briskly since whatever snow and ice there had been disappeared under the warm sun.

Ann and Jeff Miller bought Bob’s Bar from Bob Ruehling March 1. They will change the name to Johan’s Bar and add sports memorabilia to the walls.

In 1972 Terry Buesgens was the first Belle Plaine High School wrestler to win the regional championship and go on to the state tournament. Eighteen years later in 1990, his son, Shawn, duplicated that feat

Bill and Frieda Panning, who have been married for 62 years, celebrated Valentine’s Day close to each other, holding hands at The Lutheran Home’s sixth annual sweetheart’s dinner.

After 50 Years Red Owl Coming Down - Mark Huber sadly watches as the Red Owl signs on Huber’s store were taken down Tuesday.

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