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The Pruden family reunited in Henderson on Wednesday, June 26 and stayed for Sauerkraut Days festivities, including the Owl Parade. Pictured standing in back are Terry Pruden of Sikeston, Missouri and Kenneth G. Pruden of Pownal, Vermont. Seated, from left, are Kenneth J. Pruden of Bennington, Vermont, Alice Mediger of Belle Plaine, and Bob Pruden of Ocala, Florida. (Photo by Rachel Wittrock)

This year’s Sauerkraut Days was a bit of a homecoming for Kenneth G. Pruden and his family.

The Prudens arrived in town a couple of days before the Friday, June 28 kickoff to Sauerkraut Days.

Kenneth began attending Henderson Schools in the third grade and left partway through his senior year in 1957. He finished his schooling in Iowa, but today calls Pownal, Vermont his home.

As an adult, Kenneth was a jockey and raced thoroughbred horses at tracks across the country, including approximately 1,500 races at the former Green Mountain Racetrack in Pownal, Vermont.

Henderson will always be home, however, as Kenneth’s parents are buried in Henderson, and his oldest sister, Alice Mediger, lives in Belle Plaine.

Kenneth was joined on his homeward bound journey by his older brother, Henderson Class of 1956 graduate and Air Force veteran Bob Pruden, of Ocala, Florida; his youngest brother, Terry Pruden, of Sikeston, Missouri; and his son, Kenneth J. Pruden, of Bennington, Vermont.

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