More than 50 people came out to the Belle Plaine Athletic Complex on Saturday, June 5, to participate in Angie’s Learning Center’s first-ever “Walk for the 1 in 26” benefiting the Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota.

“We actually have a child who is epileptic at our center and I think, for me, I didn’t realize how common epilepsy was until I was caring for her,” said Angie’s Learning Center Social Outreach Specialist Alexandra Rodriguez. “It is really important to us and we actually found out that it is close to home for a lot of our families.”

According to the Epilepsy Foundation, 3.4 million people currently live with epilepsy, and 1 in 26 will develop it at some point in their lives.

This year, the Epilepsy Foundation encouraged people nationwide to walk a mile a day from May 1 through June 5, with a goal of raising $1.25 million collectively with participants walking a total of 2.6 million miles, for the 1 in 26 people who will develop epilepsy.

Small teams of family and friends all across the nation have registered for a walk in their communities and hit the streets, trails, and treadmills to walk a mile-a-day or 100 a week, including at Angie’s Learning Center.

The local group set a goal of raising $500 for the Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota through their walk.

“We want to raise money because we know that the Epilepsy Foundation has helped the child that we care for so much,” she said. Saturday marked the final day of the initiative, and the group at Angie’s invited the community to come walk the last mile together and celebrate with fun, games, a bounce house, and local food trucks.

Rodriguez said it was an opportunity to raise funds for the organization but also raise awareness.

“It’s really different for every body; it’s very common, not rare at all,” she said. “I think the more awareness that we spread the less stigma there is going to be associated.”

Angie’s fundraiser for this event is now closed.

Rodriguez encouraged the community to stay tuned for more local events this November during Epilepsy Awareness month.

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