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Questions for Wednesday, July 21

Question:Does the Belle Plaine Royalty have to wear red and white, and what is the significance of these colors?”

-  Color Coordinated

Answer: We reached out to Renee LeMieux, who has been the volunteer coordinator of the Belle Plaine Royalty for the last seven years, and she said, "Although there are no “official rules” regarding dress color, it has been the tradition of Belle Plaine Royalty to have the Queen in white and her court in red. The young ladies actually pick out their own dresses so that everyone feels comfortable and confident as they represent our beautiful town! Each of our Queens has worn the majestic red cloak which had been passed down from her predecessor."

Question: "Where are bicyclists supposed to ride in town? Should they be on the sidewalks, the road, or somewhere else?" – Cautious Rider

Answer: Great question! We contacted Dawn Meyer, the City Administrator, and she said, “First, there are state statutes and local ordinances that cover where bicyclists should ride. Minnesota State Statute 169.222 covers operation of bicycle laws. It states: Under Subdivision 4, Riding Rules, if operating on a roadway, operators shall ride as close as practicable to the right hand curb or edge of the roadway. There are several exceptions to this, including making a left hand turn or to avoid obstructions. Operators must comply with all traffic laws associated with chapter 169 and obey all traffic related signage such as stop and yield signs. If operating on a city sidewalk, operators shall yield the right of way to any pedestrian and shall give an audible signal when necessary before overtaking and passing any pedestrian. No person shall ride a bicycle upon a sidewalk within a business district unless permitted by local authorities.

Belle Plaine City Code Section 409 states that bicycles and other wheeled devices  are not allowed on sidewalks in the downtown business district. The City Code was implemented to protect pedestrians and cyclists; sidewalks have a limited width and doors from businesses may open outward onto the sidewalk which may unintentionally create a safety hazard for cyclists.  

The City encourages everyone to share the road with cyclists. The City of Belle Plaine supports cycling because it has a number of benefits. It’s non-polluting, good for your health, and it improves use of public spaces. There are plans and policies in place that guide development and redevelopment. This helps provide for pedestrians, cyclists, motorists, and transit users. For example, currently the City is investigating adding bike racks in close proximity to downtown. This would let you park your bike on the edge of downtown and walk throughout the downtown area from there.”

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