BBQ Days Clue

The first, second, third, and fourth clues for the 2021 Bar-B-Q Days Medallion Hunt are published below. The fourth clue posted below is the same clue provided in front of the Belle Plaine Chamber of Commerce Office on Friday, July 16, at 5 p.m.

The same rules apply as last year. The search area includes all of the Belle Plaine city limits. It is not located north of the railroad tracks. A map of the city limits is available on the city’s website.

The medallion is located on public property and is not more than six feet off the ground. It is not on the Hooper-Bowler-Hillstrom historical house property or inside Tiger Park baseball field.

Those searching on foot are encouraged to use the tunnel to cross Highway 169.

The medallion is about two inches in diameter and has "Belle Plaine Bar-B-Q Days" inscribed on it. The prize for finding it is $100 in Belle Plaine Bucks.

If you find it, call Don Meger at 952-454-6492.


Belle Plaine Bar-B-Q Days Clue #4

Bell Laps, come on chaps, let’s finish this,

Go on a Spree, he hate me, you may get your wish!

Muscles to flex, don’t have a complex, who is white shoes?

Not my fault, open the vault, I’m not amused!

Minnesota Rouser, who is the Crouser, not to deminish,

State bound local hero, puts you at ground zero, a ninth place finish.

Give it a shot, or it's all for naught, Retzer's his name.

North of the sector, edge protector, where you should aim.

Rings you know, three in a row, visitor's side,

If you remember, cracks in the timber is where I hide.

Let’s commence, outside the fence, an up hill tour,

One for the ages, not in the cages, can your endure? 

South to the North, we must go forth, approach with vigor,

What is the prize, I have surmised, you may need a digger.

Gyrate, solid state, this should put you here, 

Purple Rain, Lois Lane, time to disappear.

This was fun, soon we’re done, leave your mark,

Finish this now, you know how, and get up to the park.

Belle Plaine Bar-B-Q Days Clue #3

Ball Park figure, have a jigger, why must I wait?

Grand finally, up your alley, it starts at home plate.

Get a vaccine, what do you mean? Put on the after burners,

Heavy Metal, foot on the pedal, dare devils and learners.

Free the doves, lose the gloves, gone in sixty seconds,

Snicker doodles, the whole caboodle, my hidey hole beckons.

In between, what do you mean? a white hot spotlight,

It’s your style, crack a smile, put up a fight.

Dorothy Dix, part of the fix, Jumpin Jiminy,

Dang tootin, for you I’ll be rootin, a thumbs up Emoji.

Do not stray, fire away, apocalypse now,

Bazooka Joe, put on your go, don’t have a cow.

Apple of my eye, this is not a drive by, highs and lows,

Kind of a jolt, lightning bolt, a need to bull doze.

Jack Frost, don’t get lost, a place to put the rock,

Quite Riot, go on a diet, what are you thinking Sherlock?

In a world of roms, rockets, missles and bombs,

Welcome to this grand event, Ladies and Gents, Children, Dads and Moms.

A need to slide, here I glide, I’ll put my rep on it,

Be the roamer, Thomsons Homer, Recommit a bit.

Belle Plaine Bar-B-Q Days Clue #2

You’re next, I’d say on deck, better then being in a hole,

Our favorite three days, you’ll be amazed, put on your rock and roll.

Have you the drive? This is live, who to put first?

That would be you, coo coo ca choo, almost immersed.

Put on a tune, bad moon, you have a Birdseye

Mac and cheese, pretty please, I aim to mystify!

Come in for a landing, to demanding, some call it a strip,

Heebie-Jeebies and some BB’s, get yourself a grip.

What’s up buttercup, easy as a lay up, a need to be limber,

Hook line and sinker, put on your blinker, don’t forget to yell timber.

Punch your ticket, not a picket, more like a chain link,

You're in the catbird, put your best foot forward, try not to blink.

I’m kind of bored, help me Lord, Implement your plan,

Manowar, less is more, you are Superman.

Get to work, Captain Kirk, put to test your theories.

Come out in droves, seek your troves, have some fun my dearies!

Play the field, do not yield, a standard to be set,

Afghans and summer plans, you’re liking this I bet?

I’m the man in black, bring your Kodak, edge of the wedge,

Thanks for sharing, It's what I’m wearing, this is my pledge.

Belle Plaine Bar-B-Q Days Clue #1

Come Out, Come Out, wherever you are,

And meet the young lady who fell from a star.

Search all day, it may just pay, could happen anytime,

Put this in perspective, be effective, turn on a dime.

Put your mind at rest, this is a test, on the outside looking in,

Less is more, action galore, go for a spin.

Diameters and parameters, separation and torsion,

Twisted Sister, Mr. Twister, a fine example of contortion.

Get on the bus, what’s the fuss, put it in gear,

Put in the time, listen to the rhyme, now you’re near.

Full of Vigour, in the outdoors, let’s swing that club,

Lots of room, put on the zoom, put in a sub.

Made of bronze, leaprechauns, get a close up,

Argonaut, I put up with a lot, how full is your cup?

Spring fling, here I cling, horse shows and water fights,

It’s up in the air, don’t be a square, put me in your sights.

Who am I to judge, give me a nudge, top o the morning,

Inquisitors and visitors, this is your warning.

A-Rod, part of the squad, rage of the age,

Get here soon, not in a blue moon, turn the page.

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