A BMW crashed into a utility vehicle on Tuesday following a high-speed police chase in Belle Plaine.

Anthony Sanchez-Segura, 19, of Shakopee, began traveling at a “high rate of speed” on Main Street near Meridian Street in Belle Plaine on Tuesday, Oct. 29, and was spotted by police amid multiple reports of his driving. According to Belle Plaine Police Chief Tom Stolee, the vehicle was traveling over 90 mph in downtown Belle Plaine when he was spotted.

An officer with the Belle Plaine Police Department maneuvered to get behind Sanchez-Segura’s vehicle after being alerted of Sanchez-Segura’s driving and witnessing him failing to signal a turn.

Sanchez-Segura then began to accelerate quickly at which point the officer turned on his emergency lights on his police vehicle, the criminal complaint states.

The vehicle then turned onto Willow Street, again failing to signal its turn and stop for the stop sign.

Sanchez-Segura reportedly sped through the intersection of Willow Street and Park Street at speeds over 80 mph. School children were reportedly present at the intersection, causing the officer to slow his pursuit, the complaint states.

The BMW shortly thereafter crashed into a utility truck at the intersection of Willow Street and Raven Street. A 16-year-old female passenger suffered a cut to her neck in the crash.

Sanchez-Segura reportedly admitted he saw police behind him but did not stop because “the cops were at his house yesterday,” the complaint states.

Sanchez-Segura is facing a felony count of fleeing in a motor vehicle and multiple counts for failure to stop at a stop sign and failing to signal a turn.

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