Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Rep. Pfarr Is Not Fighting For Us

On Feb. 8th, 2021, House Resolution 2 was introduced in St. Paul moving to impeach Gov. Walz for corrupt conduct in office. He has operated outside his constitutional authority, violating the rights of Minnesota citizens issuing executive orders under the guise of an immediate emergency.

The good news is that Scott County’s own representative, Rep. Erik Mortensen out of Shakopee, has stepped up to the plate and introduced Articles of Impeachment to hold Tyrant Tim accountable.

There are five Articles of Impeachment: violating separation of powers, unconstitutionally writing laws, inventing criminal penalties, banning the exercise of religion, taking private property and banning non-emergency medicine. Gov. Walz has gone full blown authoritarian.

We need to send a strong message to our Rep. Brian Pfarr that we expect him to fight for us and to be responsive to what our district needs.

Please email Rep. Pfarr at rep.brian.pfarr@house.mn or call him at 651-296-7065 and demand that he co-author the resolution to impeach Gov. Tim Walz (Impeach Resolution HR2).

And if you haven’t done so, go to walzimpeachment.com and join hundreds of our neighbors by signing the petition to Impeach Walz Now. We must work together to end this madness!

Linda Lawler

Belle Plaine

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